Jesse Whitehouse Developer | Analyst

Moved to Jekyll

Until recently, I paid $10 per month to host this site on Squarespace. Sadly, Squarespace was slow. Really slow. According to Pingdom, my site was 1.2mb large and took between 2-3 seconds to load. That was unacceptable.

I only host text here. No pictures. No music. Nothing. My entire site was only 10kb - so why did Squarespace need one hundred times that amount? The answer comes down to dynamic versus static web hosting.

Squarespace is a dynamic web host. Their server rebuilds each page on the fly for every user who requests it, and consumes a lot of bandwidth to boot. This approach is valuable for social media or news sites because everyone should see different information when visiting My site, on the other hand, doesn’t change that way. That’s why, this week, I moved to Amazon AWS.

Amazon AWS is a static web host. When I write a post, a program called Jekyll rebuilds the constituent files of my site and pushes them online. Instead of generating a new site for each visitor, AWS displays the same site for everybody.

I also only pay $1/month, a 90% savings.

So if you noticed a difference since your previous visit - that’s what happened.